UTD Technical Instructor #012

NAUI Technical Instructor #42630

UTD Cave 2​

>1800 dives

>200 dives requiring stage decompression

>300 DPV (Scooter) dives

>200 cave dives

Jeanna was born and raised in eastern Washington and was certified in December 1989 in Hoodsport, WA.

Fast forward to January 2000 and her love of the ocean was renewed in Cozumel.

She returned to Washington and started diving cold water again, frequently.

She completed her NAUI IDC in January 2004 and immediately started teaching very actively.  She was invited to the UTD 2008 IDC / Crossover and is a UTD Technical Instructor.

Jeanna has a passion for the ocean and its inhabitants and loves introducing others to the wonders underwater.  She stresses the need to minimize impact on the ocean environment in her classes.  She was a volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium for 6 years and has since trained the Seattle Aquarium Dive Team, helping them incorporate team diving procedures into their field dives, as well as introducing them to extended ranges with DPV 1 and Tech 1.

She has also trained Renton Fire Department's Water Rescue Team.

She has a true love for exploration, particularly the cave systems in Mexico.  She was the camera operator on the Sac Actun team when Dos Ojos was connected to Sac Actun, making the largest underwater cave system in the world.


1989 PADI Open Water - Hoodsport, WA
2002 & 2003  Worked as Divemaster
2004  Completed NAUI IDC
2006  5thD-X Essentials and Technical training
01/2008 Cave diving training
08/2008  Trimix training w/ Andrew Georgitsis
12/2008  First ever UTD Crossover/IDC


Underwater Camera | GoPro's Searching the Maya Underworld

Camera / Team Member | Sac Actun / Dos Ojos Connection

Exploration Diver | Red Sea Wreck Exploration Project

Exploration Diver / Camera | Olympic National Marine Sanctuary Project

Interview / Commentary |  Wildlife Detectives: Mystery Sharks of Seattle

Exploration Diver / Camera |     Vancouver Island Exploration Project 2017

Exploration Diver / Camera |  Shipwreck of the General
Exploration Diver / Camera |  Mine Exploration Project

Exploration Diver / Camera |  Shipwreck Exploration Project
Camera / Team Member |   Vanilla Sky Cave Exploration Project 2017
Camera / Team Member | Gran Acuifero Maya (GAM)


Hiking / backpacking and photography.  She also has a deep passion for ocean conservation.



Backmount - Apeks DS4/TX50 

Sidemount / Cave - Apeks DST/ATX50 

Deco/Stage - Apeks DST/XTX50's


Santi e.Motion

DUI FLX Extreme Expedition


Backmount - Fred Tagge & HOG plates, Agir-Brokk, Dive-Rite & Halcyon wings

​Sidemount (cave exploration) - Custom using UTD Z-Harness & Z-Tec Pro Wing, Agir & Sump UK hardware and DGX Butt Plate


UTD, Light Monkey & Salvo primaries & DRIS and BigBlue backups


Shearwater and DiveSoft


Dive-Xtras CUDA 400 and Sierra X-Scooters


GoPro Hero6 cameras, Golem Housings and BigBlue VL5800P


Sony NEX-5N camera and INON and Sea & Sea strobes