Team Builder is designed to encourage our students to learn to dive in 3-person teams by offering 15% off of their training, allowing them to formally learn how to dive in a team of 3 in any class.

We've found that divers trained in a 3-person team generally are more well-rounded divers and able to recognize and adapt to the dynamics that a team of 3 presents, while also enjoying the strengths and benefits an efficient 3-person team offers.

In short, the goal of this program is to teach not only the mechanics, skills and knowledge of the class the student is taking, but also expose the students to learning these skills and knowledge while diving within a 3-person team.  This is a benefit to the student because they learn how to dive in this dynamic, in a formal class setting, making the transition to "real world" 3-person team diving much smoother.



Many divers feel at home diving in 2-person teams, but are a bit intimidated by or unsure how to dive efficiently in a 3-person team, causing them to be slightly less comfortable when diving in a team of 3.  This program is designed to teach how to maximize the real benefit of a 3-person team, from planning & logistics to working cohesively as a team to post-dive debriefing, at all skill levels.

To facilitate this, and offer an incentive, we are offering 15% off any class to each member of a team of 3 divers who take a class (details and restrictions below) and organize their own team.

Dive teams consist of 2 or 3 divers.  A group of 4 divers diving together will break into two teams of 2.  A group of 5 will break into a team of 2 and a team of 3. And a group of 6 will break into two teams of 3 or three teams of 2, depending on the dive objective.  This keeps the teams small, manageable and efficient.  While the entire group may dive together, each team operates independently of the other(s).

Two person teams offer a degree of simplicity in communication, team awareness, positioning and roles/responsibilities.  However, an efficient 2-person team cannot compare to the strength and resources of an efficient 3-person team.

A 3-person team presents a different dynamic than a 2-person team and does require a broader awareness, attention to positioning and more communication responsibilities to operate at full efficiency.  However, a properly trained and efficient 3-person team has more resources (gas, equipment, eyes, brains and awareness) which is a significant benefit to exploration projects or more aggressive dives and the overall enjoyment of the dive.

In short, a diver trained and efficient in a 3-person team is, in our opinion, typically a more well-rounded diver, because he/she is able to function efficiently in in either a 2-person or 3-person team dynamic.  Additionally, we feel the diver who is proficient in a 3-person team has a more developed, broader awareness due to the increased demands of diving in a 3-person team dynamic.


The Team Builder Program is designed to give students an incentive of training with a 3-person team, for several reasons:

  1. The students are not only trained in the curriculum of the class they are taking, but are also experiencing the 3-person team dynamic while training, adding to their training experience
  2. It builds the local pool of like-minded and similarly trained divers from which to choose from when planning dives, who are also trained in diving within a 3-person team
  3. By forming your own team for the class, it eases our efforts of searching for teammates to fill a class or having a staff member "pretend" to be a teammate in order to simulate a 3-person team dynamic


  • The class must consist of a team of 3, organized by the students.  You must find your own teammates to receive the discount.  Each student will receive the discount when all tuitions are paid.
  • The Team Builder program applies to any UTD class other than Open Water, Cylinder & Valve Tech and Gas Blender
  • Students joining an already scheduled class will not receive the discount.  You must form your own team.  However, a team of 3 formed by you may enter an already scheduled class, provided there are enough spots, and you will receive the discount.
  • Cancellation by a teammate forfeits the discount to all team members, unless a replacement is found


  • Each student must meet all prerequisites for the course they are taking
  • All UTD classes are non smoking
  • The use of prescription drugs must be authorized prior to the onset of diver training by a physician
  • Each student must meet the equipment requirements for the class they are taking.  For equipment requirements, see our Equipment Page

Want to register your team?  Please contact us with any questions or to register your team